Balloon Builders


Welcome to #imbringingbirthdaysback week!  #imbringingbirthdays back is a campaign started by Shannon West at the Stampin’ Up! head office.  And she is 100% correct–with social media, birthdays  are being ruined!  Remember how special you used to feel when you’d open the mailbox around your birthday and there would actually be more then just bills in there?  And not just a birthday card, but a HANDMADE birthday card?  DIVINE!  I have made it my mission this year to send more cards, and I hope you will join me!

This is another card that I received as a part of a swap.World-on-a-String-Lisa-Asht

This card is from Lisa Ashton in Lake City, MI.  It uses the Balloon Builders stampset.  I love that she stuck with a group of traditional balloons and accentuated the saying by unraveling the thick bakers twine.  This set is unique in that it has pieces to make balloon animals–how fun could that be???

Hope you enjoy this card.  You can find supplies and more at



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