Project Life Fridays


It has unfortunately taken me a long time to get these photographed, but when I started this blog, I was hoping to do Project Life on Fridays, so here it is, the first Project Life Friday!

I got into Paper Crafting first as a scrapbooker.  It will always be my first love!  And Project Life, just makes scrapbooking and memory keeping so much easier!  And look at these supplies:Project Life By Stampin' Up!

One of the best things about Project Life By Stampin’ Up! is that it all coordinates with Stampin’ Up!s colours.  And I love the fact that there aren’t 4 of everything in each kit (which is what generally happens with the non-Stampin’ Up! version).  And it is so easy.  I mean look at these two pages for my first week of January:

You stick your photos in, trim them if you want, add your journaling cards, and any embellishments if you have time, and that is it!  You are done!  And it’s easy to stay “caught up”.  Pretty typical week too.  Sleeping baby, awake baby, and swimming baby (I was looking for this photo the other day, and do you think I could find it???).

I also just wanted to show the album I’m using.  For some reason, the stripes didn’t appear solid to me in the catalog, but I ordered it anyhow, to see.  And these are beautiful, solid gray stripes!


Hope you enjoy!


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