Let Us Celebrate!


I hope everyone had a great long weekend!  We did here.  We relaxed, visited with friends, and got some work done around the house (easier with two of us–one to handle the “puppy” and our almost 9 month old, and one to actually do the work!).  And I took an extended long weekend and went to visit my sister today with Bentley.  I don’t get to see her often, as she lives almost two hours away and works shift work, so it was fun!  We also took Bentley to the park and showed him the splash pad.  Hopefully soon he’ll be able to go in by himself–right now he needs “help” and we didn’t have any spare clothes for us!

As a part of a group I belong to, I won a prize a few months ago that included some handmade cards from Ronda Wade.  I loved them all, but in particular, I loved one with a Real Red card base.  And I already had some card bases pre-cut!  But to use what I had I changed the orientation and moved a few things around, but I loved the inspiration!  This was my final card (which was a huge hit at card class that night–so much so that I had made extras on purpose and they were all gone at the end of card buffet!):






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